Ionic Eye Massager

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Ionic Eye Massager

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Mythsceuticals Ionic Eye Massager

About the Product
• Portable and Elegant Appearance: The appearance look like pencil, small and easy taken in your handbag, just like lipstick. Intelligence sensor, Protective cap avoid massage head scratched.
• Special Diagonal Design of Massage Head: 45° incline interface of massage head, absolute closely touch with your eyes skin, forehead, cheek, lift and massage skin all-round including corners of nose and mouth.
• Provides high frequency micro-vibration, and ions functions, help relax skin and restore youthful luster.
• Scientific and Principle: Ions promote skin care scream/gel/lotion essence penetrating into skin basal layer, activate skin cells and remove fine lines and wrinkles. 158 times high frequency micro-vibration massage, stimulate dermal blood cells, accelerate growth of collagen, restore elastic fiber. Comfortable care massage, open the pores and refresh skin, keeping skin firm, glossy and elastic.


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