Apple Stem Cells Anti-aging Renewal Cream

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Apple Stem Cells Anti-aging Renewal Cream

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Human skin stem cells can promote the regeneration of skin tissue, supplemented cell viability and maintain tissue balance of the skin and prolong cell life to keep autologous update regeneration, but with age growth to reduce the number of skin stem cells, reduce skin repair capacity, the skin was aging. . The use of innovative plant cell culture technology out of Apple Stem Cell Cream, after being absorbed by the skin, the dermis directly to the skin, improve the activity of cellular genes, so that cell damage and aging active again. This cream is more activation of skin stem cells to promote the proliferation of collagen, while reducing UV rays and free radical damage, repair DNA, slows down the skin’s natural aging and prolong the life of cells, strengthen self-defense and anti-aging skin, making the face of fine lines, wrinkles gradually disappear, effective firming skin, maintain skin younger and detailed.


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