Advance Eye Treatment Essence

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Advance Eye Treatment Essence

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Complete Care Eye Serum uses both “Apple StemCell” ingredients and “Copper Peptides” can effectively promote the manufacture of collagen and elastin, increase blood vessel growth and antioxidant capacity to effectively inhibit melanin production, to reduce the appearance of young skin around the eye dumb pigment and dark circles, and polyamines stimulated glucose production, to help restore the skin’s natural ability to repair itself, the metabolic activation of skin cells to accelerate the removal of free radicals, aging skin, maintain skin elasticity, smooth wrinkles and stimulate the cells to secrete glue Yuan protein and elastin; this cream also contains other potent ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, vitamins, witch hazel. As the eye can strengthen skin antioxidant, moisturizing, maintain connective tissue and protect the skin from UV damage, while soothing sensitive skin and improve redness sensitive issues, Stable and sustained replenish moisture, leaving skin white flawless eye reproduce crystal clear bright radiance.


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