BN為香港大型的時尚購物線上及手機段平臺, 配合已經開始的線下加盟店舖產生的O2O協同效果。我們每星期為大家帶來本地、韓台日中及歐美品牌的最新潮流服飾,美容產品, 健康食品及時尚生活產品。 我們致力為大家提供一個方便、快捷、舒適的網上購物環境,每位於 BN 購物的顧客,都可享有全球速遞服務及7天退款保障(只限香港地區),希望您可以買得開心又放心。 如果您對我們的服務有任何查詢,請隨時電郵到 [email protected],我們的客戶服務主任會儘快回覆。

BeauteNation總部設於香港,於當地設有辦事處。而於每一個經銷國家包括歐洲, 美國、東南亞及中國均設有銷售合作分站。我們的團隊及合作商戶持續增長中。





Beaute Nation (BN) is the leading online and mobile shopping marketplace platform based at Hong Kong, with the merit success integrate with our O2O synergistic effect with our merchants and franchisee. BN will launch the new arrival items weekly from difference country in Asia, USA, Europe which cover the product range include fashion, beauty product, health food and lifestyle product. We are committed to provide you with a convenient, fast and comfortable mobile and online shopping environment, we believe our customer can enjoy the global courier service, and 7 day money back guarantee (Hong Kong only). If have any queries about our product or service, please feel free to e-mail to [email protected] and our customer service will reply as soon as possible.

Mainland consumers increasingly keen demand for imported goods, some consumers buy imported goods by HaiTao purchasing .

It is predicted that China Electronic Commerce Research Center, the number of inland “HaiTao Customer” China 2014 at 1,800 million, will increase in 2018 of 3,560 million.

By HaiTao transaction size by 2014 to 1,500 billion yuan (RMB) in 2018 rose to 10,000 billion yuan.

BeauteNation began offering a series of cross-border services to the brand principle and supplier.

Mainland China currently has 10 cross-border electricity supplier service pilot cities, including Shanghai, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Zhengzhou, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Fuzhou and Pingtan, can either through “import bonded” or “direct purchase of imported” model to sell at mainland china market.